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Bhang Milk Chocolate

The award-winning flavor of Bhang’s pure milk chocolate blended with a high-quality, full-spectrum, US-grown, C02-extracted hemp oil. The Bhang CBD Milk Chocolate Bar has 120mg strengths.

120 mg FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL  Made from US-Grown Hemp.


Cheeba Chews Hemp Infused Taffy

Full spectrum hemp derived CBD infused taffy.
– Approximately 25mg cannabidiol per chew or 250 mg per package
– Organically cultivated, USA grown hemp extract
– Just ten calories per serving
– *Award Winning Flavor*


What people are saying...

”I am a 68 year old woman who has suffered from Osteoarthritis for many years. My knees were affected the worst. 3 years ago I had a knee replacement that while mechanically sound, became infected. To try to remedy the infection another surgery was performed to eradicate the infection. That was surgery number 2. The infection came back and my knee replacement was removed and an antibiotic spacer was put in its place. 3 I have essentially no knee and it is very painfull . That's when I purchased Mercy and Mend, two CBD slaves from One New Venture. Mend to help my surgical knee heal and Mercy for my other knee which has yet to be replaced. I received relief from both products. Especially from Mend on my surgical knee. The pain was just gone. I have two more surgeries to go so I will definitely be continuing to use both products”.

These products did help me a lot!

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